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National Pet Month grows by more than 100,000 pet fans

UK charity National Pet Month has stepped in to savetwo Facebook pet communities on the eve of its 25th anniversary.

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Park Bench and Scratching Post, which have more than 100,100 followers, looked set to close for good when the website it was connected to closed at the end of August. Instead, National Pet Month too action and in September officially took over the two Facebook sites.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming the Park Bench and Scratching Post communities into the National Pet Month family and really looking forward to connecting with the thousands of cat and dog lovers who regularly post on the two pages, sharing their stories and their love for their pets,” said Phil Sketchley, chairman of National Pet Month.

“These are two truly amazing communities that reflect just how much our pets mean to us and fit perfectly with the key aims of National Pet Month which include promoting responsible pet ownership and helping to raise cash for the UK’s pet charities,” he continued.

National Pet Month, which began as National Pet Week in 1989, is a registered charity and grows more popular each year, with thousands helping to spread the key messages of responsible pet ownership and the mutual benefits of living with pets.


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