Wahl release new collection of pet grooming tools

Wahl have released a new collection of pet tools specially designed by animal grooming experts. 


The new collection of Wahl pet tools have been designed to offer ease-of use, comfort and efficiency when it comes to grooming. Each tool has been created with an ergonomic handle that includes a rubber grip to ensure that even when your pet is fidgeting, you can keep hold of your grooming implements. 


The Wahl pet tool range includes an innovative set of brushes including a Palm Slicker Brush which offers a light massage and removes the dense undercoat. There is also a Palm Brush with pins which is ideal for sensitive skin and the Palm Shampoo Brush which stores shampoo in the brush and then evenly dispenses it during bath time. 


In addition, essential items such as Claw Clippers, Twin Sided Brushes, Grooming Gloves, dematter combs, shedding blades and self-cleaning slicker brushes are also part of the range.


Written by Alexandra Holt

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