Device enables owners to follow their pet’s every move

This autumn sees the launch of the Tractive GPS pet tracker that helps owners locate their dog, cat or other pet at anytime.

The Tractive GPS is 100 per cent waterproof and weighs just 35 grammes and can easily be attached to an existing collar. The device also features an integrated remote light that can turned on or off using a smartphone to help find the animal in the dark.

It works by communicating with the Tractive Pet Manager App and the Tractive website using cellular networks. Tactive pay the data fees and the pet owner is just charged a small as a small service fee. There is no contract, no activation fee and no other additional fees to pay.

As well as live tracking and locating the device can also be used to set up a defined safe zone, with notifications if the pet leaves this designated area. It works in the UK, Europe and USA, has a rechargeable battery and can connect several pets at one time to the phone app.

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