Research reveals opportunity for retailers to sell secure cat flaps

Research has shown that 65 per cent of pet doors in cat owners’ homes are unsecured.

Cambridge-based microchip pet door company SureFlap undertook a Neighbourhood Cat Campaign to learn more about cat’s behaviour and address owners concerns.

SureFlap says its customers are typically those that have become concerned about cats entering their homes and scaring the resident pets. Marketing vanager of SureFlap Judith Bank explains: “We had assumed that most cat owners have a cat flap and we are encouraging them to trade up with a SureFlap; however the statistics showed that nearly half of the cat owners surveyed did not have a cat flap at all.”

The company thinks this data reveals a major opportunity for pet retailers and Judith adds:

“The results from CatWatch Day and the Neighbourhood Cat Campaign show the situation was worse than we had thought and suggests that the majority of cat owners considering a pet door could be persuaded to spend a bit more and keep their pet safe and secure, with a microchip-operated pet door.”

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