Export help for PSMA members

The Pet Suppliers and Manufacturers’ Association (PSMA) has recently set up partnerships in the USA and EU, including Poland and the Czech Republic, to help companies understand how to trade in these countries.

As more UK manufacturers and brand owners look to expand their sales, PMSA, a division of the Pet Industry Federation (PIF), has set up the partnerships to benefit its members by uniting UK companies that wish to export, with experts in the target country.

Nigel Baker, CEO of PIF, commented: ‘Having spent most of my working life in pet food manufacturing, I always aimed to build businesses with strong export sales. If you don’t understand how the market operates, as well as pricing, margins, logistics, languages and route to market (including distributor or distributor plus wholesaler, direct sell), then you will have potentially wasted your money attending a trade show.’

PIF’s experts have spent a lifetime in the pet industry and have operated successful businesses in the target export country. By utilising a PSMA expert members can cut through the red tape and drastically shorten the learning curve to achieving successful exports. Initial consultation with the expert is free, and thereafter PSMA has negotiated a discount for utilising the expert’s services.

A number of UK member companies have already signed up for the service, so if you are interested, please contact PIF at which countries you are interested in exporting to. 

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