Extended licence for Norbrook’s Pestigon for cats

Pestigon for cats has been granted an extension to its licence, which now sees it indicated against the Ixodes ricinus tick.

Pestigon, launched in August 2012, is Norbrook Laboratories Ltd fipronil spot on solution against fleas and ticks in cats and dogs. 


The cat product was previously indicated against Dermacentor reticulatus but now has a killing effect within 48 hours with efficacy for up to two weeks on both this and the Ixodes ricinus tick. While the Pestigon dog spot on offers efficacy against the Dermacentor reticulatus, Rhipicephalus sanguineus and the ixodes ricinus tick.

Michelle Jones, Norbrook’s small animal brand manager commented: “The Ixodes ricinus tick is one of the most common ticks found in the UK. Pet owners need to be aware that choosing a treatment that kills ticks as well as fleas is vital, with ticks potentially spreading diseases such as Lyme disease.”

“Pestigon is only available through veterinary practices, which means that pet owners have to visit their practice to purchase this flea and tick treatment. They can therefore receive expert advice at the point of purchase and discuss any concerns they may have,” she continued.

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