New ‘Working in Pet Shops’ course at the ACC

The Animal Care College has introduced a new level 3 LASER accredited certification on Caring for Animals: Working in Pet Shops, which is a 10-week online short course.

The course run by the college, which has been open for over 30 years, is acceptable to Licensing Officers and EHOs. The college also provides short courses on health, safety and associated legal issuesand a suite of QCF awards to help students make the best of their opportunities while they are learning, which many students and businesses have found very useful.

The college begins by helping potential students to carefully select those courses which will be most useful to them with a telephone interview. However, once they have chosen a course, they are then asked to register as a student (a fee of £10). The course is then designed around them and submitted to them for approval.

Anyone working professionally with animals is expected to show competence in their care and having a recognised, accredited certificate in their area of expertise is essential for maintaining or acquiring a pet shop licence.

Image: CollegeDegrees360

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