Around 60 UK cats and dogs go missing every hour

Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance is urging cat and dog owners to consider having their pets electronically chipped, because its researchreveals that around 60 cats or dogs go missing in the UK every hour.

Its findings show that over the past five years 2.54 million people claim to have lost a dog or cat, with 830,000 being reunited thanks to their pets being chipped. Research also indicates that around 25 per cent of all dogs and 45 per cent of all cats are not currently chipped,resulting in 38 per cent of pets not being reunited with their owners.

Suzi Lavin, Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance manager, said: “It is extremely alarming quite how many cats and dogs go missing in the UK every day. The loss of a pet can be very upsetting and stressful for owners, but having their pets chipped should increase the chances of finding them again.” 

The Environment Secretary recently announcedthat all dogs in England should be chipped by 2016 and a vet can microchip a dog or cat very easily by inserting a tiny microchip under the animal’s skin. The procedure is quick and painless but if the pet is lost and found, the microchip, which has a unique code, can be scanned and matched to the owner’s contact details, which are kept on a database such as PetLog.

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