Vets warn of increased spread of deadly dog disease across the UK

Veterinary surgeons from Vets4Pets are warning dog owners to be on the lookout for a potentially fatal disease caused by infection from the lungworm parasite.

Recent weather conditions have proved ideal for slug and snail populations, leading experts to warn of a continued spread of lungworm in the UK. Lungworm is a parasite that dogs become infected with after eating common garden slugs and snails carrying the larvae. Once inside the dog’s system, the parasite travels through the body eventually ending up in the heart. If the infection is left untreated, the dog’s health can rapidly deteriorate, and can even result in death.

Vets4Pets have launched the new ‘Bug Pack’ campaign to help spread awareness, with the pack giving cats or dogs the parasite protection they need for 12 months, plus it’s tailored to their species, size and lifestyle whilst saving the owners 25% off the pack. Some pet owners believe that lungworm can be prevented using conventional worming tablets, which is unfortunately not the case.

Leigh-Anne Brown, veterinary surgeon from Vets4Pets in Harrogate explains “Dogs which have picked up a lungworm infection can show a number of different symptoms. Lungworm often gives rise to breathing difficulties, ranging from a lack of energy to coughing. Persistent bleeding, even from minor cuts is also a sign to watch out for.”

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