Pug owners enhanced insurance cover for risk of theft

New company, Bought By Many has teamed up with Petplan to launch a pet insurance policy designed specifically for pugs, which provides enhanced cover for key issues such as theft.

In January, DogLost reported that in 2012 it received 3,500 reports of dog thefts in England alone including pugs. This is an increase of around 17 per cent on the previous 12 months. Pugs are also particularly prone to eye, nasal and intestinal health issues.


“In the UK, more people search online for pug insurance than for any other breed of dog”, said Steven Mendel, CEO and co-founder of Bought By Many. “Pugs’ sociable nature, diminutive size, and financial value sadly make them a target for thieves, so insurance that covers the risk of theft is a must”.

Bought By Many helps consumers club together in groups to get a better deal on insurance and the bigger the group, the better the offer they can negotiate. Pug parents can join the group, get a quote, and apply online via the Bought By Many website

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