Dog Rocks ceases Amazon supply

Dog Rocks has announced it will stop supplying stock Amazon Retail in the UK pet market following a successful year of sales.

Despite the volumes sold, Dog Rocks has decided to end supply in the hope that, when stock is depleted, realistic RRP and MAP will be reinforced and the brand will be better protected, thus bringing back a level playing field for all retailers both online and in stores.

Besides the aforementioned aims, the brand has made the move to support online and independent retailers. In addition to ceasing its Amazon supply, Dog Rocks has started contacting all retailers on third party websites to remind them of RRP and MAP.

As part of a pet supply study, MD of Dog Rocks Carine Evans remarked: “Despite good volumes, the great and navigable online vendor portal and potential reach offered by Amazon, by supplying direct to wholesalers and no longer supplying Amazon direct, we are able to better support other online and bricks and mortar retailers who will in turn be better able to respect and uphold our suggested RRP.

“We seem to have spent so many unfruitful hours tied up in admin correcting anomalies generated by Amazon in the cyber world that it is no longer feasible for us to support this third party retail channel. On top of this we aim to protect our brand, uphold the suggested RRP/MAP and their proposed increased rebate was unworkable, potentially creating more of an uneven playing field with changing goal posts.

“Amazon is an increasingly important retailer in the pet market. Its potential reach is huge and there will be other products Dog Rocks look forward to selling on such a valued website, but in choosing to support other online and bricks and mortar retailers, Dog Rocks has bravely put their head above the parapet showing empathy and affinity with its retailers.

“Loyalty and efficiency are key to our business and we owe it to our retailers to give them the best chance possible to gain from the great margins offered by Dog Rocks.”

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