KONG lends helping hand to canine blood bank charity

Pet toy manufacturer KONG has pledged its continued support to Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBUK) throughout 2013 with quarterly donations of dog toys.

Last year, KONG gifted approximately £5,000 worth of its toys to the charity – the only one of its kind in the UK.

PBBUK holds weekly collection sessions at host veterinary practices across the UK to build up supplies of blood products that can be used to help other dogs across the country. Dogs in need of transfusions range from those suffering on-going medical conditions to those involved in road traffic accidents.

There are over 4,000 doggy donors registered nationwide, a figure PBBUK hopes will increase to 5,000 by the end of 2013. On average, 20 to 25 donors will walk through the doors of each session to give 450ml of blood towards saving the lives of other dogs. Every unit collected can help save up to four other dogs’ lives.

In return for their donation, all donors receive the canine equivalent of tea and biscuits – a drink of water and treats! Donor dogs are also given a goody bag containing an “I’m a lifesaver” branded bandana and a toy of their choosing.

Head of operations at PBBUK Katrina Wilkinson said: “As with most charities, we’re operating in challenging times and every drop really does count – both in blood, funds and anything that makes those funds go further. KONG has been so generous, providing us with thousands of pounds of merchandise for free, since we began in 2007, and particularly in the year of our 5th birthday celebrations in 2012. The KONG toys are so popular with our donors and we’ve seen many leave with a toy in their mouth and wag in their tails.”

KONG’s advertising and marketing manager Susanne Groves remarked: “We are delighted to offer our on-going support to PBBUK and their wonderful doggy donors, and their owners, who are helping to save so many dogs’ lives each year. [PBBUK is] doing an amazing job and it’s lovely to know that KONG is helping to keep those heroic tails wagging.”

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