Hilton Herbs launches new look homepage

One of the leading natural supplement manufacturers has made some changes to its popular website.

With web sales overtaking all other forms, Hilton Herbs has invested time into researching website trends and, in conjunction with a web-design company, have revamped the home pages of its websites.

The new pages went live this afternoon and feature improved navigation, a highlighted product finder, seasonal selection product boxes and a link to a new online flip-view catalogue.

Sales and marketing manager at Hilton Herbs Heather Giles said: “We were very aware that our homepage was starting to look a bit dated and the research we’ve done indicated that customers arriving on our homepage want to be directed very quickly to the relevant Hilton Herbs product, not read a novel about the company! So the changes we’ve made are a combination of web psychology and feedback from customers and we hope will make much more of a visual impact, as well as making the overall online shopping experience a more enjoyable one.”

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