Ceva launches app to help owners monitor dogs’ heart conditions

Ceva Animal Health has announced the launch of a pioneering new iPhone app which allows dog owners to monitor their pets’ heart conditions at home.

When using the Cardalis app, owners can assess their dogs’ respiratory rate at rest, an important indicator of heart failure severity.

Once owners have downloaded the free app from iTunes, they simply need to tap the screen for each complete breath over a 30 second period. The app will then convert breaths into a rate-per-minute and record as a printable graph.

Ceva recommends using the Cardalis app every day for 10 days after starting or changing heart condition treatments, after which it can be used on a weekly basis. The frequency of monitoring will vary depending on each individual case.

Ceva’s small animal product manager Fraser Broadfoot MRCVS explained: “Normal respiratory rate at rest varies between dogs but is generally 20-30 breaths per minute. However, for dogs with heart failure, this can increase, for example, to more than 40 breaths per minute. Owners using the Cardalis app will be able to detect this sign much earlier and alert the vet.

“Monitoring the resting respiratory rate allows the owner to become more involved in the management of their dog’s heart condition and the Cardalis app also makes it easier for them to collect and record this information over time.”

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