PetSafe announce acquisition of Lucky Litter

Radio Systems Corporation – owners of PetSafe – has announced the acquisition of Lucky Littler LLC.

The take-over resulted as part of Radio System’s mission to house the most trusted brands in the pet ownership experience for pet owners, across all disciplines of pet care. Radio Systems has purchased the makers of ScoopFree and FroliCat, which are produced under the brand name Brilliant Pet, to further its commitment to producing animal care products of the highest quality.

“Brilliant Pet has built an incredibly strong business and brand with its widely popular litter boxes and innovative cat toys,” said Brad van der Veen, vice president international of Radio Systems Corporation.

“We are very excited to expand our product offering into the waste management category as well as further expanding our toy line, especially within the cat market.”

Alan J Cook, president of Lucky Litter LLC, added: “Radio Systems has an incredible presence in the pet industry and has always worked with the same goal in mind as us, which is to provide quality, innovative products to enhance the relationship between pet and owner.”

“This alliance will bring about new resources and opportunities to grow the products and lines we’ve worked so hard to offer devoted pet owners across the country and around the world.”

FroliCat products provide a good compliment to PetSafe’s existing Play & Challenge Category, which includes the popular Busy Buddy range and the partnership aims to increase its portfolio of waste management, training and behaviour, toys and treats, containment and lifestyle products.

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