Gardman to put pet care alongside pots in garden centres

You wouldn’t usually expect to find pet care products lodged between the strimmers and pot displays in a garden centre, but Gardman’s head of category management thinks there is a great chance that could change.

Having launched its pet care brands in June, Gardman believes that pet care offers great potential for garden centre sales, as customers often want to pick up pet items when shopping for other interests, such as gardening.

Lisa Blackmore, head of category management at Gardman said: “At Christmas nearly 70 per cent of consumers buy gifts for their pets, so pet care has tremendous potential at this time of year. Garden centres are an ideal environment for pet owners to shop for their pets, particularly as they are often keen gardeners too.”

“All our research and our own experience has shown that consumers love to treat their pets all year round, so this category benefits from not being seasonally dependent.”

Gardman’s Christmas pet care promotion details can be found through their website

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