Albion Meat Products celebrates 30 years with rebranding

A leading Worcestershire-based pet food manufacturer has recently celebrated its 30th birthday, announcing a rebranding of its range with a whole new set of packaging and logos in the offing.

Albion Meat Products, a business started by Catherine Donegan when she was just 18, prides itself on providing the essentials for a carnivorous canine diet.

The company supports and produces natural meat products, and pioneered the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet in the UK, which supports the theory that dogs’ are still primarily dependent on meat when it comes to their diet, and therefore that is what they should be fed.

The company said: “Dogs belong to the family of carnivores, with sharp incisors designed for more than just grinding vegetables and grain. A natural raw meat diet combined with vegetables, rice or cooked potatoes is seen by many to be a healthier way to feed their pets. This is also supplemented by feeding raw bones.”

Catherine’s business started as a result of the many requests that her meat-supplier father Leslie Rock received for raw meat and bones for dogs. He did a roaring trade in ox cheeks and sheep heads – a diet which had proved a great success for their own pooch Lucy.

Image: (L-R) Catherine Donegan, founder of Albion Meat Products, with cake maker Kim Hague.

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