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Kennel Club urges responsible dog ownership

Responsible dog ownership is a “major issue affecting today’s society,” according to the Kennel Club, and that’s why the organisation has joined forces with Baggee to release special branded Doggee waste bag holders.

Available in green and orange, the Kennel Club Doggee waste bags have a key chain that clips easily to dog leads or keys, and store multiples of any type of waste bag – in an affordable and fashionable way.

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The myth that dog excrement poses no real threat beyond someone carrying it onto their plush carpets or potentially slipping is exactly that – a myth. In actuality, dog mess poses more problems to the environment than is often publicised. Here are some facts to consider:

– The eggs from roundworms are deposited with the dog faeces and become infectious two to three weeks later. They can remain active for 10 years in the soil and are resistant to disinfectants and to the frost. If ingested by humans and left untreated, they can cause infections to your organs, most commonly the brain, liver and lungs, as well as the eyes, causing tumours and detached retinas and possibly leading to blindness.

– When dog faeces break down they leave toxins in the ground which are harmful to other animals, humans and the environment. Leaving dog waste on farmland can lead to sheep being infected with canine worms, which doesn’t affect sheep, but can lead to cysts on the liver and lungs for humans who consume the infected meat.

– It is estimated that 20 to 30 per cent of stream pollution is caused by the toxins from dog waste being washed into the water system, causing a build-up in algae that is harmful to fish and by infecting the water with E-Coli, leading to the closure of some beaches.

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