Hypoallergenic treats to address pets’ dietary needs

Most pet owners across the UK recognise the dietary restrictions of their cherished companion during meal times and know that these diets can be the difference between a comfortable or irritating lifestyle for their pet.

What many owners don’t realise, however, according to research from Burgess Pet Care, is the treats pet owners give to their animal could be undoing all of their dietary work.

Burgess is addressing this by introducing its Gourmet Treats range under the Burgess Sensitive brand, which consists of three recipes of semi-moist pet snacks made with 75 per cent meat or fish.

All flavours are free from the most common intolerance-causing ingredients in dogs, such as wheat, maize, beef, dairy, egg and soya and Burgess brand manager Richard Rockett says the feedback they have had has been tremendous.

“The dogs go crazy for the treats as soon as the bags are opened, but importantly they don’t upset the dog’s stomachs. It shows our approach of making highly palatable, high meat, quality products really works.”

Richard continued: “We know from the success of our Sensitive range of complete foods that it’s not enough for the products to be hypoallergenic, they need to be highly palatable as well. We’ve had great success with this approach in the past, and we’re already seeing great uptake from retailers”.

Further information can be obtained by contacting 01780 483 311.

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