Peregrine’s ‘Dave for a day’ provides retail experience

At Peregrine’s recent open day in celebration of its 25th anniversary, director Dave Perry was auctioned off to the highest bidder in aid of Jersey’s Durrell Institute.

MD of Pampurred Pets Steve Fowler bid £501 to win Dave’s services for a day.

Dave put his reptile expertise to good use by introducing some of the more unusual reptile species to the customers of Pampurred Pets, and giving advice on how they should be cared for.

Dave remarked: “People are growing ever more fascinated by reptiles, and it is now estimated that there are more reptiles than dogs kept as pets in the UK.

“Peregrine has seen the reptile sector grow rapidly over the past [few] years. We urge all retailers to consider the potential of adding a reptile range for their customers.”

Over £1,000 was raised for the Durrell Institute in all, which is to be put towards building a new enclosure for the endangered Ploughshare Tortoise.

Image: Steve Fowler and Dave Perry.

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