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London Vet Show package offers takers meetings with 30 wholesalers

On top of the 4,000 vets that will be in attendance at this year’s London Vet Show will be 20-30 wholesalers, all of whom can be met as part of a special package.

The package, at £999, allows people to have a meeting with every wholesaler in a series of pre-arranged encounters. During these get togethers the wholesalers, from across Europe and North America, will be expecting to be pitched to.

Also included as part of the package is a place to display products within the Royal Pavilion; listing with logos and link on the London Vet Show web site, which attracts 15,000 visitors a month; inclusion on the pre-show email that goes to nearly 8,000 vets across the UK; and one free pass to have a sales rep within the pavilion.

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