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Fin & Fur turns 40

A third-generation family pet business that specialises in a “natural and holistic” approach to pet and aquatic retailing is celebrating its 40th birthday.

Established in the summer of 1972 by Christina and Dennis Westbrook and now run by their daughter Karen, Fin & Fur, of Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire, prides itself on a ‘big enough to know, small enough to care’ approach to retail that the shop says is “slowly disappearing.”

As Fin & Fur partner Daniel Fuller explained: “Part of the ethos at Fin & Fur is how [we] compete with the supermarkets and pet superstores. Shunning the large multinational companies that need to keep shareholders happy, Fin & Fur prefers to support smaller, independent pet industry suppliers.

“Fin & Fur has reached the milestone of 40 years of trading through sheer hard work and determination to succeed, and has become the foremost independent pet and aquatic store covering Bishop’s Stortford and the neighbouring villages.

He added: “Customer service, a warm welcome and an ability to recognise a need have ensured an almost folkloric status amongst the town’s pet owners. In fact, ask a passer-by and mention ‘Pet Shop Karen’ and most people will know who you are talking about!”

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