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Research reveals millions of Brits confide in their pets

New research has revealed that over five million Brits confide in their pets when there’s something on their minds.

The research, conducted by insurer More Th>n, discovered that 87 per cent of all cat and dog owners will talk at length to their pets when there’s no-one else around.

It isn’t just nonsensical cute-talk however; 85 per cent of those surveyed revealed they have deep and meaningful conversations with their furry-friends. Top topics of conversation include relationships, work, relatives and money matters, with a third of those surveyed claiming to have only ever revealed their deepest darkest secrets to their pets.

According to relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet: “It’s a well-known psychological fact that talking to our pets can relieve stress, anxiety, loneliness and a wide range of other uncomfortable feelings. Pets don’t judge, talk back or complain. Instead they listen well, have open minds and faces and enable their owners to freely unburden themselves.

“We should not underestimate the roles pets play in our lives – no wonder they are man’s, and woman’s, best friends.”

Managing director at More Th>n Janet Connor added: “While pets might not be able to speak or have the foggiest what’s being said to them, they are looked upon as faithful companions whose loyalty and affection is unwavering. So it’s no surprise that Brits will happily chatter away in the same way they would to a friend or family member. What’s clear from these results, however, is that the majority of Brits don’t see their pets as substitutes for people, but more as silent friends who they can turn to whenever they need to organise their thoughts or de-stress after a hard day.

“Responsible pet ownership isn’t just about making sure an animal is fed well and exercised regularly – it’s about creating and strengthening this bond. Talking to your pet might seem bizarre, but as the research shows, it can do wonders for your health, and your four-legged friend certainly won’t mind the attention either.”

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