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Dogs Trust gives advice on caring for canines in hot weather

This summer, Dogs Trust has issued health advice and instigated a campaign to highlight the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars.

Dogs can suffer from the same problems that humans suffer from in the hot weather: overexposure to the sun, overheating, dehydration and even sunburn.

Despite this, a survey released this month by Dogs Trust reveals that over 68 per cent of people have seen a dog locked in a car on a hot and sunny day.

The survey also revealed that 20 per cent of those questioned called the police when they saw that a dog was locked in a car; 57 per cent tried to alert the driver; and five per cent actually broke into the car to rescue the dog.

To raise awareness for the remaining 22 per cent who did nothing, Dogs Trust has joined forces with the AA and the National Trust to target visitors with the ‘Hot Cars Can Kill Dogs’ campaign.

Dogs Trust has some guidelines which you can pass on to dog owners this summer: never leaving a dog in the car; ensuring there is water on hand; avoiding long journeys in the heat of the day; and investing in sun blinds, to name but a few.

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