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BRC publishes annual payments survey revealing high charges on retailers

The survey has revealed that banks are unfairly charging retailers and customers alike for handling card payments.

The average cost to a retailer of having a credit or charge card payment processed was 36.2 pence while for a debit card it was 9.6 pence.

Paying with cash is more common this year than last and when customers pay by cash it is around 24 times cheaper for the retailer compared with those customers paying by credit card.

The survey by the BRC shows that this charge is unfair and hopes the OFT will take action to put a stop to such charges.

British Retail Consortium Director of Business and Regulation Tom Ironside said: “Paying is a necessary final stage. It should be easy for customers to do that in the ways they want to and the cost to retailers should fairly reflect the cost banks face in processing those payments.”

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