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WuffitMix manager announces help for rescue dogs

Lancashire-based dog food company WuffitMix is helping dog rescue and foster organisations at home and abroad.

WuffitMix started helping the Somerset-based Once Loved Dog Rescue after a chance encounter on a social networking site. The company’s manager, Hannah Dugdale (pictured), explains: “We made the connection when someone who likes us on Facebook won our weekly competition for a 12 kilogram bag of Supreme Kibble. Her dog was sadly no longer with us, so I suggested that she donate the bag to a rescue or charity of her choice, and she nominated Once Loved Dog Rescue.”

Once Loved Dog Rescue provides care, shelter and permanent homes for unwanted or abandoned dogs, and now feeds its foster dogs on WuffitMix. The manufacturer has in turn produced a discounted price list specifically for rescues.

The Soi Dog Foundation is a charity based in Thailand that is also receiving a helping hand from Lancashire. The charity has established bases in other countries including the UK and aids in the rescue and rehoming of dogs otherwise bound for the kitchen.

Despite the best efforts of the Thai government, every day over 1,000 dogs are illegally transported from the country to its neighbours to be butchered.

“While to western eyes the consumption of dog meat for food is abhorrent, cultures differ on what they see as being acceptable for food. What is totally unacceptable is the inhumane treatment and the sheer cruelty in the ways these dogs are transported, handled and killed,” said Hannah.

“A major part of the Foundation’s work is the rescue and rehoming of these dogs. We at WuffitMix are looking to develop a long term relationship with the Foundation in this country and to look at other ways of supporting them, starting by donating a bag of Supreme Kibble to each Soi Dog adopted in the UK.”

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