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Ceva launches new marketing pack

Ceva Animal Health has launched a new marketing pack to support its unique range of DOUXO shampoos, waterless mousses and localised dermatology solutions.

Featuring imagery of the Great Barrier Reef to demonstrate that the skin barrier is a fragile ecosystem needing care and protection, the new marketing material includes:

  • New client leaflets that explain how to use the shampoo and mousse with a handy detachable application reminder to help with owner compliance
  • A choice of two waiting room posters to generate interest from clients

The pack is supported by a new vet detailer focusing on the skin as a complex and fragile ecosystem, with a detachable poster covering the range.

DOUXO products, containing the patented molecule phytosphingosine, offer protection and restoration of this complex and fragile ecosystem in presentations that support the bond between pet and owner.

DOUXO shampoo, is an easy to use solution, while for dogs and cats that do not like bathing, DOUXO mousse is massaged into dry fur and does not need to be rinsed out.  It is also great for owners who do not have huge amounts of time to spend on shampooing.

Each DOUXO line offers a localised treatment option – pads, spot-on pipettes or a serum – allowing the product to be applied directly to the problem area.

For further information on the DOUXO range of products, visit or contact your local Ceva Animal Health territory manager.

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