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BVA voices support for international veterinary family following reports of vet prevented from flying to the US

Following reports that Dr Hamaseh Tayari, who holds an Iranian passport, was prevented from flying to the US under President Donald Trump’s executive order barring citizens from several countries, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has voiced support for vets across the globe regardless of where they come from.

Dr Tayari had been due to fly home from a holiday in Costa Rica via New York. But she was told she could not fly to the USA because of the order. 

Gudrun Ravetz, BVA President, said: “BVA shares the concerns of many of our colleagues and members about the situation Dr Tayari found herself in. My theme for my year as BVA President is the veterinary family and it has never been more important to pull together as one profession.

“The veterinary profession in the UK depends on colleagues from outside of the UK, with over half of the vets registering to practise in 2014/15 being non-UK graduates. The scientific community is international and it is common for scientists to work with colleagues from across the world.

“Vets work alongside colleagues from around the globe, shoulder-to-shoulder, day-in and day-out. We stand with all our colleagues, wherever they are from in the world or wherever they are.

“The public support for Dr Tayari, including crowdfunding her travel home, shows that the public is with us in this.”

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