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Webbox supports the launch of pet-friendly hostel accreditation scheme

Pet food company Webbox has announced it is furthering its support for animal welfare charity StreetVet by providing ‘Forever Home Packages’ for individuals who manage to secure a hostel place with their pet or a permanent home.

The news follows the launch of StreetVet’s first ever pet-friendly hostel for the homeless in Hemel Hempstead on 30 November 2020, which helps people who are experiencing homelessness to be housed with their pets.

Webbox has supported StreetVet with regular pet food donations for the charity’s nationwide outreach programme since November 2017, however it hopes its donations of pet food can “continue to offer support to the owners within the hostel, who may worry about not being able to feed their pets as well as themselves”. 

StreetVet co-founder and vet Jade Statt said: “Under current regulations, if people turn down housing due to ‘no pets’ clauses, they are told they are making themselves intentionally homeless  and are refused further housing assistance.

“Any pet lover will understand that choosing between a roof over your head and the company of your beloved pet is no choice at all. Currently, one of the many complex reasons that people remain homeless is because there are not enough hostels that can safely accommodate them and their pet.”

She added: “Access to pet-friendly hostels is their first step towards independent housing. With homelessness on the rise due to the economic impact of Covid-19, it was important to us to launch this scheme before Christmas, as winter sets in.” 

“Webbox has supported our work for over three years now and we are incredibly grateful for their help as we launch our hostel accreditation scheme. Similar to ourselves, Webbox prioritises animal welfare and we are thankful to have them as one of our fantastic charity partners.” 

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