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Dodson and Horrell launch new ‘Health Mash’

Animal feed manufacturers Dodson and Horrell (D&H) has launched a new ‘Health Mash’ designed to “warm horses and ponies from the inside as the temperature outside begins to drop”. 

The product consists of a low starch, fibre, molasses free recipe containing support supplements such as MOS, FOS, actisaf yeast, and psyllium and herbal support derived from cinnamon, fennel and mint.

The business has stated the latest formulation has been built on the “previous success” of its  ‘Winter Health Mash’, however, this new version will now be available all year round. 

Dr Courtney Miller, D&H, head of nutrition said: “We are thrilled to be able to bring a new product to the market that builds on the success of such a well-loved predecessor, Winter Health Mash. 

“The slight changes and new inclusions are exciting and will help this newbie live up to its shortened name, Health Mash. Suitable for so many horses and ponies, and particularly those prone to gastric ulcers, we’re so pleased to be able to launch something which will have such broad and far reaching uses in feeding.”

She added: “As always at D&H, quality ingredients and scientific formulations have underpinned the creation of Health Mash, and as an added benefit, preparing it ignites a bit of a nostalgic feel good factor.

“The lovely herbal tones bring memories of homemade horse mashes to mind that would have been fed to my favourite horses and ponies in my youth.”

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