Lily’s Kitchen welcomes rising sales

Lily’s Kitchen is reportedly the UK’s fastest growing pet food brand, welcoming an annual sales increase of 34%, according to Kantar.

The group saw sales increase by 27% in the grocery channel alone, which it claims is “leaps and bounds” ahead of the equivalent 2% sales growth in the pet food category.

 Growth was aided by the launch of new dog food varieties, including Moroccan-inspired lamb tagine and a limited edition Halloween themed ‘beef ghoooulash’, which have seen “record” demand for new product launches. 

In addition, supplies of its advent calendar for dogs sold out by the second week in November.  

The group has grown its overall distribution by 11% to over 3,800 stores, including an 18% growth in listings in the UK grocery sector in the year ending 3 October 2020. 

The brand is also available in over 3,000 stores in 30 countries outside of the UK through a range of vets, specialist retailers, major online market-places and supermarkets.

Lily’s Kitchen CEO, David Milner said: “Our tried and trusted formula of creating natural, healthy, proper pet food inspired by the latest food trends is appealing to more pet parents than ever before. To be the fastest growing brand in a growing category is a testament to the quality of our product – as proven by the record-setting success of our latest new product launches.

“The increase in pet ownership is well documented, but a major factor for us is our popularity amongst younger, more millennial-minded new pet parents, who want to treat their pets just as they would their children and for whom the health and wellbeing of their pets is a spending priority.”

He added: “The growth of direct sales has also been beyond expectation and the launch of subscriptions in the summer is proof of the brand loyalty we have built and our international success shows the simple fact that pet owners across the world are willing to pay a premium for healthy, proper pet food.”

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