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Sustainable pet food start-up secures 300k in funding

Insect-based pet food start-up, Aardvark, has secured more than £300,000 in funding from investors on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. The money will be used to support the brand’s launch early next year.

The business aims to make pet ownership sustainable by developing a range of pet food for dogs and cats that uses insects as the protein source. 

The company said it aims to launch with a range of dry kibbles for dogs and cats through both subscription and standalone DTC channels, with a view to move into pet food stores within eight months and supermarkets shortly after.

Aardvark originally sought £50,000 on Crowdcube, valuing the company at £1.05m. The raise reached 100% of its initial target after just five days.

Aardvark founder HugoWalters said: “I’m delighted by the level of investment we received via our Crowdcube round and tobe able to bring Aardvark to pets across the UK. For too long pet owners like myself have been looking for sustainable food for their pets and we have been held back by the lack of alternatives to animal meat. 

“Insect protein offers a viable solution that is both good for your pet and the planet. The overfunding will enable us to scale more quickly, with the aim of becoming the market leader for sustainable pet food in the UK.”

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