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Vet’s Kitchen launches new sustainable packaging

Vet’s Kitchen has launched a new range of 100% recyclable packaging to support the company’s “commitment to prioritise environmental goals”.

The brand’s new packaging now features a flat bottom single lip, with an easy-open feature and resealable zipper to maintain freshness and protect the product’s shelf life. It also uses mono polymer technology to make the packaging 100% recyclable. 

In addition the packaging also features an OPRL (on-package recycling label) to prompt customers to dispose of packing responsibly and sustainably. 

The recyclable packaging is currently available on all its dry dog food and forms part of a rebrand for the business which will “underpin” its environmental credentials.

Jilly Whibberley, head of marketing for Vet’s Kitchen said: “Our brand is synonymous with high-quality pet food which delivers real health benefits, which goes hand-in-hand with our gradual move to a sustainable and more environmentally-friendly packaging solution. 

It was an integral part of our recent rebrand strategy and to date, with the help of Tyler Packaging, we have reduced our plastic use by over 27% on some lines, and 17% across the range. For a small business, we’re taking big steps and hope to inspire larger pet food companies to follow our lead.”

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