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Mars to introduce recycled packaging on pet goods

Mars manufacturing group has announced plans to introduce recyclable packaging and a 25% decrease in the use of virgin plastic by the year 2025. A move which is part of the group’s “sustainable plastic packaging plans.”

The company, which produces pet food brands such as Pedigree and Royal Canin, said it is exploring “innovative reuse models” with a plan to have at least 10 new reuse programs in markets by 2025.  

To advance towards this vision Mars stated in the next five years they plan to reduce its virgin plastic use by 25% and for 100% of its plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable. 

The business added it is “committed” to addressing this problem even if it means redesigning much of its packaging or business models. 

Grant F. Reid, CEO, said: “Mars is committed to being a part of the transformational system change that this issue requires. 

We’re taking action by removing packaging we don’t need, exploring reuse models, redesigning what we do need for circularity, and investing to close the packaging waste loop with recycling systems that work for business and communities.”

He added: “We all have much to do, so we must work together as a global community like never before.”

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