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PIF members confused with CFSG advice for animal businesses

Pet Industry Federation members (PIF) are confused with the “conflicting information” provided by the Canine and Feline Sector group (CFSG), regarding advice for animal related businesses during Covid-19

In a report issued by the CFSG, pet groomers may only remain open to treat an animal for “welfare reasons”, however members of the PIF Facebook group  have responded with confusion as to what that actually means. 

One dog groomer stated online that she has spoken to her local council who told her she had to close. 

She said :”There’s so much conflicting information and it would seem some groomers are staying open and others are not. I can’t risk a fine so I’m reluctantly closing. In four weeks the stress in catching up will start again.”

Another dog groomer said: “This [CFSG report] doesn’t really say a lot. Dog grooming is a profession which is all about animal welfare, so every groom we undertake is for the welfare of the dog involved. 

So are we allowed to stay open or not? Or are we only allowed to groom severely matted dogs and dogs with overgrown claws”

PIF said in a post that the industry federation believes that “professional pet grooming is undertaken on welfare grounds.”

It added: “Pet grooming doesn’t have to be undertaken only in instances when a coat is matted, in order to be classed as welfare’. Professional pet grooming is important for the general welfare and wellbeing of the dog.

“However, PIF believes that cosmetic activities such as facials and coat colouring should be avoided during this lockdown period.”

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