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Webbox creates ‘dog friendly’ playlist for Bonfire Night

Pet food brand, Webbox has created a playlist on Spotify to comfort dogs who may be distressed by loud noises on Bonfire Night, 5 November.  

Research conducted by the company has shown that playing music can act as a remedy for dogs, helping to “mask the noise and create a soothing effect”, the musical playlist which features reggae and soft rock tunes aims to relieve anxiety in dogs, as the animals can “mirror their own heart rates” to the the rhythm of the music. 

It is believed that 45% of dogs show signs of distress when they hear fireworks, with many canines suddenly showing unpredictable behaviour when feeling  stressed such as restlessness, shaking, cowering, barking and scratching,

Webbox senior brand manager Camille Aahforth said: “Although Bonfire night is an exciting

evening for us, it can be a very frightening time for our pets. It’s so important to ensure our loving companions feel safe and secure as we approach the firework season, therefore preparation is key. 

“Our canine friendly playlist has been created to equip owners and help soothe their dogs, ultimately making them feel more comfortable.”

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