Kennel Club commits £269,000 to dog health research

The Kennel Club Charity Trust has announced it will provide £269,000 to kick off fundraising and further research into complex brachycephalic syndromes in dogs.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge are “keen” to expand these investigations and will be extending their work to look at a further 13 brachycephalic breeds, including Maltese Terriers, Pekingeses, Pomeranians and Shih Tzus.

The trust’s research team is set to explore how each breed is affected by respiratory problems, and how this relates to their internal physiology and genetics.

Jane Ladlow,  the European and Royal College specialist who led this research, said: “As flat-faced dogs become increasingly popular, it’s more important than ever that we try to understand the complex and wide-ranging factors that lead to some of these dogs becoming unwell. 

“The next steps in our research will help us understand more about the relationship between respiratory issues and neurological problems, and how these issues relate to the structure of affected dogs.”

She added: “Our previous research has shown that the solution to these health problems isn’t always simple and that breathing issues in these dogs can vary dramatically, not only between breeds, but within them as well. 

“Our investigations have led to screening schemes that help breeders reduce the risk of producing dogs affected by breathing problems, and we hope that the next steps of our research will help more breeds to do the same.”


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