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Beloved launch natural pet care range

UK pet brand Beloved has launched a natural pet care range that is supported by EcoPledge, and is free from plastic and parabens.  

The range includes four natural shampoo bars retailing for £5 which feature essential oils and natural “soothing” ingredients and also new nose and paw balms for £8, that have been formulated with essential oils, beeswax, shea butter and Vitamin E. 

Other products available include a skin and coat conditioning pet massage oil rub, a probiotic home and kennel sanitising spray, and a lavender and chamomile mud and boot room candle, which retail for £20, £12 and £15. 

The products are available to purchase online at the stores website. 

The company said: “Whether it’s a relative, friend or even for four-legged companions, the BeLoved 100% natural pet care range is a superb gift idea for any occasion.”

“Delivering beautiful results whilst also looking rather lovely within the home, the range was officially launched just eight months ago.”

“BeLoved is backed by a great story, and a dedicated team who hand pour and package every single product here in the UK, and who are passionate about looking after our pets, ourselves and the world around us.”

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