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PetPanion urges owners to keep sanitisers away from pets

Petpanion is urging pet owners to not put hand sanitisers near their pets as Covid-19 restrictions return.

The pet health and wellbeing app, which says the third most common behavioural issue exhibited by the dogs profiled on its service is that of eating non-food items, is warning owners to be careful as alcohol-based sanitisers are deadly to pets.

As well as issuing a warning, PetPanion is also offering its services to owners who can monitor their pets health and progress via their app.

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Dr Peggy Middlemiss, PetPanion’s veterinary specialist, said: “Our canine user profiles highlight that eating non-food items is a big issue and, with so much sanitiser within our homes and dog-friendly workspaces at present, these products could prove attractive to dogs wishing to gnaw and chew. 

“They could even potentially mistake some products for toys.  We would urge pet parents to keep sanitisers out of the way of both pets and young children and to look for alcohol-free varieties that are still effective in destroying coronavirus germs.”

She added: “Not leaving these products in easy-to-reach places, can reduce possible heartache and also relieve the pressure on vets’ surgeries, which may again face restrictions on opening and caring for pets, should we experience a second national lockdown of any duration.”


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