Scrumbles launches advent calendar for pets

Scrumbles has announced the launch of a new advent calendar for both dogs and cats.

The calendars, which have an RRP of £7.00, each contain a minimum of 48 mini treats hidden behind 24 windows.

According to the brand, the treats are “packed full of responsibly sourced ingredients and have extra benefits like dental care”. All recipes also contain Slippery Elm, an ingredient which supports digestive health.

The Cat Advent Calendar contains a mix of two treats, a Scrumbles’ chicken biscuit and Gnashers Dental Bite. 

The Gnashers Dental Bites were launched by Scrumbles this year to tackle dental disease within cats, after it claimed that around eight in every 10 cats suffer in silence from the disease. The treats contain an active ingredient to reduce plaque build-up.

The Dog Advent Calendar contains a mix of two treats, a mini version of Scrumbles’ Gnashers Dog Dental Bones and Nibbles: Calming Dog Treats. 

The mini Dental Bones contain an active ingredient proven to reduce plaque build-up, as well as being naturally vegan to reduce their carbon footprint. 

In addition, the turkey Nibbles are baked with chamomile and lemon balm.

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