Natural Cornish Pet launches Aflora Cold Pressed range

Natural Cornish Pet has announced the launch of its Aflora Cold Pressed recipes for dogs.

The naturally preserved, grain-free, high meat recipes are “gentle on digestion”, according to the group, adding that they are “honest, simple and affordable”. 

Aflora Cold Pressed range is available in two varieties: Beef and White Fish (Gwithian Surf and Turf ) and Aflora (Porth) Chicken and White Fish.

The recipes are highly digestible and low in fat, using meat sourced from UK farms. 

They are available to buy in 3 Kg, 5 Kg and 10 kg bags.

Jordan Coombe, co-founder of Natural Cornish Pet said: “Our primary aim is to make natural, high quality food accessible for the wider market, giving all dogs the opportunity to experience the benefits of a good quality, wholesome diet to see them through from puppyhood to old age.

“We use natural flavours in our recipes. Sweet potato or super sweet potato (which is how we like to think of it) isn’t really a potato at all.” 

He added: “Nutritionally different and containing a higher level of fibre, along with being a great source of vitamins A, C and B6. The other interesting fact about sweet potato is that it has the ability to stabilise blood sugar levels, which can be beneficial to all dogs, especially those that suffer from diabetes.

“In the finer details of our recipe you will find sage, thyme and oregano all boasting holistic benefits known for aiding in fighting infections and boosting general wellbeing. The recipe also includes seaweed, which in small quantities is known for aiding healthy thyroid function.”

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