The French Bedroom Company launches luxury dog beds

Luxury bedroom specialist, The French Bedroom Company, has launched matching owner and pet beds in a bid to “reward pet families with a luxurious night’s sleep for owners and dogs alike”.

The Palais de Versailles Sacré Coeur Pink Velvet Bed and Posh Pooch Pink Pet Bed are being sold at an RRP of £2,140 and £375, respectively. 

The pet bed is made with a hand-carved wooden frame in a white-washed finish, pink velvet upholstery and double-piped edges, and features a luxury mattress. 

The Palais de Versailles Sacre Coeur Pink Velvet bed features antiqued gold frames and soft plush velvet, hand carved and hand finished. 

It comes after the bedroom specialist said that recent data has revealed that the sale of pet beds has risen by 90% since February 2020, as 65% of pet owners “admit they have given their pets extra love and affection over the past few months”.

One in five owners have reportedly admitted to changing their schedule to spend as much time as possible with their pets, “going as far as letting their pet sleep in bed with them”. 

Georgia Metcalfe, co-founder and creative director of The French Bedroom Company said: “The last few months have been challenging but this time together with family is something we will cherish. We have found our priorities are changing, and our furry friends have most certainly enjoyed having our company throughout the day. 

“Pet owners are wanting to spend more on their furry friends, they want to treat them during this time, therefore it was not a huge surprise when we noticed a huge increase in our matching dog bed sales – after all, they are our best friend.” 

She added: “With many people going back to their offices and day jobs through a phased return, we want to make sure pet owners take the necessary steps to make sure their pets gradually ease back into spending time alone, and a matching bed of their owner will provide great comfort for their pets.”

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