Dog rescue charity appeals for funding

A dog rescue charity in Bishop’s Castle has appealed for funds after Covid-19 put a “strain” on the group’s finances. 

According to a local report from the Shropshire Star, funding at Dog’s Bodies has seen its fundraising “dry up” during the crisis.

The charity predominantly rescues dogs whose owners have had to go to hospital or relinquish care due to old age, with an increase in new intakes seen during lockdown.

The centre currently has more than 20 older dogs living in ‘end of life’ foster homes after their owners died.

Speaking to the Shropshire Star, CarolJames, who runs the centre, said: “We set up the rescue more than 35 years ago,” she said. “We have never begged for money or done any appeal, we’ve always worked for it and done our own fundraising.

“Everybody is worried about the virus and its effects, but people aren’t thinking about the dogs left behind. We have had a steady stream over the last 15 weeks, of dogs coming into care.”

She added: “People are being told they need to self isolate or go to hospital, or even stay with family, and the dogs have been suffering. Family members contact us and say please can you look after my mum’s dog, she’s had to go to hospital. 

“We have had to advertise for foster homes, and then when I take them to the vets for their normal medication, the dogs are quite old so the vet finds other issues. We obviously have to pay that.”

James added that she is unable to open the centre’s shop due to its small size and lack of possible social distancing, adding that they have been unable to hold car boot sales to raise funds, either. 

She added:  “We have been shut down at every attempt to fundraise. We are a local team and we support local dogs. We cannot just stop, we cannot just say sorry we can’t do it anymore. The dogs need us, we do it for the dogs.”

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