Royal Canin expands portfolio with new launches

Royal Canin has announced the launch of Vital Support, the latest territory within its Veterinary Health Nutrition range.

The new products will offer tailored nutritional solutions to support pets’ renal, mobility and heart function. 

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As part of the launch, Royal Canin is also expanding its Renal portfolio. New Early Renal diet is an additional product to Royal Canin’s renal range, and offers the closest nutritional profile to the Senior Consult Stage 2 diets. 

It also offers healthy joint and ageing support, and contains reduced phosphorus to nutritionally support patients with IRIS stage one of Chronic Kidney Disease. 

In a statement, the manufacturer said: “Royal Canin constantly strives to be at the forefront of nutritional innovation to provide the very best nutritional solutions to support pets. 

“As part of ongoing development of its products and launch of its advanced veterinary range – Veterinary Health Nutrition – the company will be delisting its Senior Consult Stage 2 diets from September 2020.” 

It added: “Royal Canin suggest that vets provide a senior consultation to ensure they recommend the most appropriate diet from their Senior or Vital Support range.”

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