Hexafly launches range for UK

Hexafly has announced it is launching its Grubs range in the UK, having successfully traded its line of exotic pet food in Ireland

It comes as the group has developed “ground-breaking” technology that enables it to breed black soldier flies to produce natural, sustainable products.

The resulting grubs are high in protein, calcium and other vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and can also be fed to garden animals, such as hedgehogs. 

The product comes live in 40g trays and dried in 100g and 50g resealable pouches, and is also available for zoos in 1.5kg and 3kg buckets.

A Hexafly spokesperson said: “Our insect farms are vertical, low-maintenance and require less water and land compared with more traditional types of farming. Everything is used and nothing is wasted, embracing a circular economy.

“It is Hexafly’s goal to provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. Feeding ourselves and our animals is a key art of the circular economy, utilising waste from other industries, in our case the brewing industry.”

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