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BSAVA releases new nutrition webinar

BSAVA has released a new webinar that has been added to its new online guide to nutrition.

The essential ingredients of a good nutritional recommendation is presented by Georgia Woods, one of the editors of the new BSAVA Guide, and concisely covers the key points that need to be considered when offering a nutritional recommendation to a pet owner.

Topics include evaluation of the current situation, main aims of nutritional recommendations, assessment of evidence quality for diet claims and how the recently released BSAVA guide to nutrition can help facilitate meaningful conversations with owners regarding diet.

Woods said: “Nutrition discussions with clients can be challenging, not least given the plethora of diets available for pets. This webinar aims to cover the main elements to support an evidence-based decision-making process to help vets build helpful dialogue with owners to guide them on the most suitable diet for the best health of their pet.”

The BSAVA Guide to Nutrition is an independent guide comprising a series of factsheets for veterinary professionals on four different diet options; each of these is accompanied by a factsheet for owners that can be provided as part of the consultation

The factsheets cover commercially manufactured diets, grain-free diets, home-prepared cooked diets and raw diets.

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