SteetVet launches specialist advisory board

StreetVet has launched its own specialist advisory board made up of seven of the most highly regarded clinicians in their chosen fields.

Each of the specialists has previously worked with the charity, with many speaking at its annual conferences.

The members of the advisory board include Stuart Carmichael, orthopaedics specialist, Sue Paterson, dermatology specialist, Ian Battersby, internal medicine specialist and Clare Rusbridge, neurology specialist.

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Also, Ophthalmology Specialist, David Gould, has been appointed to the board, alongside Nuala Summerfield, cardiology specialist and Nick Bacon, soft tissue and oncology specialist.

StreetVet said: “Whilst StreetVetting, we do come across challenging cases which may require more involved input. With this in mind, we approached a veterinary specialist from each discipline to provide advice to our StreetVet outreach teams. 

“Each of the specialists on this board has been involved with one or more of our StreetVet conferences “The Art of StreetVetting” , some have even volunteered on the streets but an overwhelming commonality is their understanding of our ethos and a desire to help.”

It added: “We are absolutely privileged to introduce our StreetVet specialist advisory board.”

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