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Pet purchases soar during UK lockdown

Pet purchases have been listed as one of the “biggest expenses” during the UK lockdown, according to a Barclaycard survey.

In total the survey found that £40.6bn was spent on items during lockdown, with Brits spending an average of £771.34 each during lockdown, as retailers capitalised on the demand for more at home entertainment and ‘experiences.

The research revealed although 5% of people surveyed invested in a pet, they spent the most of all the categories, revealing spending an average of £635.20 on buying a new pet.

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The survey also reported eight in 10 consumers (80%) plan to keep all the items they invested in, with only 6% feeling as though they had wasted money. Almost half of respondents (47%) said that all the things they bought are useful.

Kirsty Morris, managing director for account development at Barclaycard Payments, said: “Being at home for such an extended period of time meant that Brits became imaginative with how they spent their money. Whether it was to keep themselves or their families entertained, people have emerged from lockdown with an impressive array of quarantine buys.

“From little luxuries to big investments, the nation sought out the things that would bring them happiness and provide entertainment at home. A trend recognised by an increasing number of retailers seeking to attract customers with fun ‘insperience’ services and products during the months of lockdown.” 

She added: “Things that could have been left redundant as lockdown eased, have instead have made their way up the ranks to be deemed household must-haves that people didn’t know they needed. 

“Many of the items bought have also encouraged people to take up new hobbies, but perhaps more importantly, were successful in making such an unusual period, that little bit more enjoyable.”

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