ICatCare handed International Cat Day’s custodianship

International Cat Care (ICatCare) has announced it has been passed over International Cat Day’s custodianship over 2020’s event.

The organisation has revealed it is planning a programme around the theme of “happy cats”, and hopes to get charities, specialists, veterinary professionals and volunteers come together on the day to share their knowledge and passion with cat-lovers from all around the world. 

In a statement the organisation said: “The secret to a Happy Cat is understanding each cat’s needs, both as an individual and a species. 

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“While some are ideally suited to living as pets, half the world’s cat population are not and these 300 million unowned cats lead a range of lifestyles, including those who will never accept human contact, no matter how much love and attention we might give them.”

It added: “Somewhere between the domestic and the feral is the growing phenomenon of the so called ‘Inbetweener’ whose needs are currently the least understood.”

The news comes as ICatCare announced the appointment of Nathalie Dowgray as head of its international society of feline medicine (ISFM), effective 3 August.

Downgray has a background in animal welfare and as an RCVS advanced practitioner in feline medicine, and is also a member of both the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in feline medicine and the ISFM Academy of Feline Practitioners.

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