Cool Dog launches vegan ice cream in UK

Cool Dog has launched its new artisan, vegan, lactose-free ice cream just for dogs in the UK.

Cool Dog is available in a 120ml lidded pot or a 5-litre tub to sell in scoops with a choice of vanilla, banana and blueberry flavours. 

The 100% natural dog treat with no artificial colours or flavours is marketed as an ‘ice cream’ rather than a ‘frozen treat’ for that “authentic holiday experience”.  The company said it is already being sold at the popular Granny Gothards ice cream parlours in the South West, where many dog owners are likely to staycation this summer. 

Owner Don Thaw, said: “It has taken a great deal of time to find the right partner to make the high-quality product I was aiming to bring to market. 

“The research paid off though when I found Amanda at her multiple award-winning company, Granny Gothards, based in Devon. She has been hand making luxury ice creams, served in top restaurants, for many years and as importantly for me, she is also a dog lover.

He added: “When I explained my vision, she had a clear idea of how she could make my product to the same extremely high standards and could connect with the passion I had to make a healthy ice cream brand for dogs.”

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